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Commercial Brokers of America is an independent agency specializing in trucking and transportation insurance.

Commercial Trucking & Auto Insurance

Commercial Brokers of America specializes in insurance for owner-operators and fleets. As commercial truck insurance specialists, we have experience working with trucking operations of all types and can provide comprehensive insurance policies with no gaps in coverage. Our mission is to enhance your insurance coverage, reduce your risk, and improve your profitability. We will work with you to analyze coverage gaps, identify potential loss exposures, and recommend proper limits of liability to protect both property and financial assets.  As a broker, we have partnered with many A+ rated carriers to provide you with the premium solutions at affordable rates. 

Types of Trucks & Fleets Covered

We offer commercial truck insurance for most types of trucks, including:

While not an exhaustive list, the above gives a general guide to the types of trucks/vehicles we cover.  If you don’t see your truck listed, we likely offer truck insurance for that type.  Please contact us to confirm. 

Customized Insurance for Owner Operators and Fleets.

Whatever kind of truck you drive, We have you covered!

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Coverages Offered

We offer coverage in any combination you require.  Here are some recommended coverages:

Primary Liability

Commercial Brokers of America offers auto liability with a range of deductibles or retentions from $0 to $1 million. We offer liability limits up to $5 million. Higher liability limits are available upon request. Coverage can be with or without PIP, UM, UIM and/or medical payments. Primary Liability Insurance coverage protects you from damage or injuries to other parties as a result of an accident. This insurance coverage is regulated by State and Federal Government Agencies with proof of coverage being mandated to ensure minimum requirements are being upheld.

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance:

You've got your truck covered for work purposes. But what about those times you might drive your truck when you're not on dispatch? Your truck needs to be covered outside of strict business operations.

Motor Truck Cargo

Cargo liability is an absolute necessity. It helps truckers cover the value of their cargo from damage, theft, and loss. In addition, it covers debris removal, freight charges, and separate limits. You may need specialized livestock cargo insurance if you haul animals. Another subset of cargo insurance is HAZMAT insurance, which is necessary if you haul hazardous materials.

Physical Damage Coverage

The next time one of your trucks is in a collision or faces some sort of theft or vandalism, you've got physical damage insurance to repair the damage.

Bobtail insurance

Bobtail insurance covers your truck in the instance you are driving it without a trailer attached. Typically, bobtail insurance is for drivers under a permanent lease agreement. For owner-operators under their own authority, bobtail is usually covered under your primary liability policy.

Trailer Interchange Insurance

If you don't own your trailer, you need trailer interchange insurance to cover physical damage to your truck. Trailer Interchange Insurance is coverage for the legal liability of truckers for loss or damage to non-owned trailers and equipment which are in the insured’s possession under a written trailer interchange agreement

Rental Reimbursement with Downtime Coverage:

If you're in an accident and your truck is damaged—and you rely on it to make a living—this coverage can pay you a specified amount per day for a specific length of time to help keep you afloat.

Permanently Attached Equipment:

Offers additional coverage for equipment that is permanently attached to your truck.

Refrigeration Breakdown:

Provides legal liability protection for a loss due to breakdown on heating and refrigeration units.

Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance covers a motor carrier fleet, and it's usually a more affordable truck insurance option versus insuring each unit individually.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

If you have employees, you need workers' compensation. Workers' comp will cover their lost wages and medical payments if they're injured on the job.

Umbrella Insurance:

Lawsuit costs can extend beyond the limits of your liability coverage. An umbrella policy can help cover costs that extend beyond those limits.

Let Commercial Brokers of America customize the best insurance coverage and cost combination for your trucking business.

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Quotes From Multiple Companies

At Commercial Brokers of America we work with many of the top insurance companies and some that you may have not heard about. Each company has their pros and cons but ALL offer comprehensive and flexible coverage options for your trucking company. As brokers, we are not obligated to one insurance company. We will shop your quote to many insurance companies and choose the ones that best align with your coverage needs and your budget.  


We can secure the most competitive terms from our insurance markets using our knowledge, experience and reputation.

We have a thorough understanding of the trucking industry and undergo routine trainings to stay updated on trucking regulations and insurance coverages.

We offer safety consulting to help you reduce your cost of risk.

We routinely review insurance policies to help you avoid "coverage traps".

We offer you the best value for your premium dollar.

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