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Homeowners insurance provided by Commercial Brokers of America.

Your home is your most valuable asset. Make sure you protect it and your possessions with a home insurance policy that’s right for you.

Homeowners Insurance protects that valuable asset, Your home, Homeowners covers interior exterior and beyond, whether a seasonal property, rental property or primary property let us place the Right Coverage over your valued asset.

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Flood Insurance

Risk Factor

You do not have to live near a body of water to suffer loss due to flooding. With the changing weather patterns and more damaging storms occurring around the globe, flood losses are becoming more common in places that are not normally prone to flood damage. Your homeowners policy does not cover damage from flood. Could your home be at risk?


Purchase a flood insurance policy to protect your home and covered contents from certain types of flood losses as designated by the National Flood Insurance Program. A flood policy is purchased as a separate policy through the federal program (NFIP) or through a servicing carrier known as a write your own carrier.

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