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General Liability insurance provided by Commercial Brokers of America.

No matter the size and nature of your business, there are always uncertainties. We’ll work with you to determine your business risks and we’ll put together an insurance package that makes sense for your business.

What is commercial general liability insurance?

Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance provides coverage for you, as a business owner, for third-party claims where you are found legally liable for losses resulting from bodily injury to others or damage to the property of others. CGL insurance coverage is important if your business interacts with the general public. For example, if you have foot traffic on your premises or if your business provides goods and services, you may want to consider this protection.

Not all liability exposures faced by a business are covered by a commercial general liability policy. Commercial vehicles are covered under the commercial auto policy and for those liability exposures an employer may face which are not covered by a workers compensation policy, the Employers Liability policy provides coverage.

Having an insurance policy doesn’t mean you will be protected from harm, but it can help you keep your business open should your business experience a liability claim.

Like most insurance policies, commercial general liability insurance cannot cover for all types of liability loss. Insurance policies will tell you what coverages are included and what isn’t through the exclusions. It is important to carefully review your policy. Contact a licensed insurance agent or attorney to review your insurance needs and policies to ensure you have the necessary coverages for your business.

Commercial Brokers of America continues to provide commercial general liability insurance for a variety of our niche markets. We understand the need to have customizable insurance solutions when it comes to your business. We offer the coverages you need as well as provide you the loss control guidance and excellent customer service to help build out your risk management tools. Find out how Markel Specialty can help protect your business with commercial general liability by exploring our insurance solutions.

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