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Coverage for your business’ physical structures and assets.

Commercial Property insurance provided by Commercial Brokers of America.

If you own a business, you need a Commercial Property policy that can protect the business you built, in the event your property is damaged by a covered loss.

Commercial property insurance is designed to cover three basic types of property most businesses need to operate:

The types of commercial property listed above can be covered for types of losses like fire, lighting, sprinkler leakage, or windstorm or hail. There are other causes of loss you can be covered for depending on the cause of loss form you choose when purchasing your policy.

Having an insurance policy doesn’t mean you will be protected from harm, but it can help you keep your business open should your property get damaged.

Like most insurance policies, commercial property insurance cannot cover for all types of loss. Insurance policies will tell you what coverages are included and what isn’t through the exclusions. It is important to carefully review your policy. Contact a one of our insurance agents to review your insurance needs and policies to ensure you have the necessary coverages for your business.

Commercial Brokers of America understand the need to have customizable insurance solutions when it comes to your business. We offer the coverages you need as well as provide you the loss control guidance and excellent customer service to help build out your risk management tools. Find out how Commercial Brokers of America can help protect your commercial property by exploring our insurance solutions.

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